Admission Process

Admission Process

To gain admission into the University of Calabar International Demonstration Secondary School, a candidate should be able to meet up following requirements:


Students seeking admission must be up to 10 years of age by September of the new school year.


  1. Pay the sum of three thousand Naira (₦3,000) into the UCIDSS account at Unical Micro-finance Bank. (this amount is subject to change). Thereafter, the teller should be brought to the school for the admission form.
  2. All applicants will be required to sit for the School’s Entrance Test which lasts for 5 hours. English(1/2 hour), Mathematics(2 hours) and General Paper(1/2 hour) are the subjects tested.  Candidates should come along with writing materials, mathematical sets and a non-programmable calculator to write the test. Students are expected to perform at average (70%) or above average in order to be granted admission.
  3. Score the required cut-off point needed for the year depending on the number of students to be admitted for the school year.

The School reserves the right NOT to admit a child even if he/she has passed the entrance tests.



UCIDSS academic year starts in September and ends in July. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. Application for admission will only be processed when all necessary documents as listed in the application form are received.


Completed Application Form.
Immediate Past Academic Records.
A copy of child’s birth certificate
One recent coloured passport photograph of the child.
English translated past academic records (non-English speaking schools).