Admission Form

Admission Form


For the purpose of proper documentation and effective record keeping, it is important that an applicant fills the application form correctly.

The form should be completed by the parent or guardian and duly signed.

Please state your child’s or ward’s name and surname as you want them to appear on all his or her school records. The names supplied follow the child all through his/her stay at The University of Calabar International Demonstration Secondary School and appears on his/her reports and certificates.

While it is expected that your child/ward already has a functional knowledge of English Language, please state the language(s) he/she speaks at home.

Ensure that the e-mail address given is active and one that you visit daily.

Attach one recent passport size photograph, photocopies of immediate past academic records, biodata page of the international passport or birth certificate. If your child is transferring to The University of Calabar International Demonstration School, please attach the Transfer Certificate from that school or the school’s Principal/Registrar’s email address. The duly completed application form should be returned to the school’s administrative office.

On submitting the form, please confirm the Entrance Test date.