The Students

Students come from a variety of nationalities, though at present, the majority are Nigerian nationals. Other nationalities are well represented in the school. The school encourages students to appreciate national and cultural diversity. Here students of all nationalities associate freely and amicably together.

Within the school, we also have a variety of religious beliefs represented, with the two main groups being Christian and Muslim. Whatever their belief students work and play together in harmony as one group, and learn to accommodate and appreciate the different religious groups found within the school. The school makes provision for the needs of various groups.
All students are encouraged to take active part in the life of the school, participating in sporting, cultural and national events. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, and to behave in a mature and responsible way at all times, both on the school site, and outside the school.


UCIDSS aims to inspire Her students:

  • to discover and realize their full academic, sporting, artistic and personal potentials.
  • to aim for and reach, places in higher education or employment.
  • to become well rounded young men and women who enjoy life and contribute to the lives of others.
  • to become leaders, who can think for themselves, cooperate, solve problems, make decisions and communicate effectively.
  • to reflect and act on the spiritual and moral dimensions of life in making meaningful contributions to the world.
  • to respect others, to be open-minded, tolerant, principled and honest.